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Thameens.com last updated on - November 29, 2013

Thameens Maax


    THAMEENS MAAX (A/C DTS 3D DIGITAL)- a theatre owned by the group is at Kaliyikkavila, which is 30km from Trivandrum city on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.

    MAAX is known for its massive 3 Way Digital sound system with DTS Surround Effects and Biggest silver-line screen in Kerala .providing a whole-some and un-matched exciting movie experience to the cine-goers.

    Digital technology with satellite networking has brought in a revolution especially in the distribution of films with its Quality of Vision and Sound.

    Visits to the cinema hall are more frequent as quality of the movie experience is far superior today. MAAX works on maximizing these advantages and delivering the power of cinema with the latest digital cinema technology from Prasad Extreme Digital Cinema Network

    We warmly welcome cine-goers for a whole-some and un-matched exciting movie experience